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Angus Morton Butchers

01748 822644

Mick Kirk and his daughter Amy pride themselves on supplying their customers with meat and poultry that was born and raised exclusively within the UK


More and more shoppers are beginning to understand the importance of buying their meat from a reputable source and Angus Morton, which has been established since 1968, provides their customers with that assurance.


They buy beef and lamb, pork, poultry and bacon from local suppliers, which makes an enormous difference to the quality and provenance of these products.


"Our beef is hung for a minimum of 21 days (usually longer) to ensure a great taste and tenderness," says Kirk.

Mick and his team make their our own sausages and dry-cure their own bacon, including some from English rare breeds.


Mortons produce up to 1000 handmade burgers a week without rusk or water, which go perfectly with other options in their BBQ range,


They also prepare delicious English ham, beef and pork that's roasted in house.


"We are always happy to offer advice on the best cuts for recipes and tips for cooking them too," comments Amy, "which our customers really value."


Customers love bantering with Mick, Amy and his staff and it's this informal yet cordial style of doing business that give them their unique edge.

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