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01748 824203

Brooke’s is an independent, family run Delicatessen and Purveyor of Fine Foods attached to a Petrol Station – very few places can you pick up such high quality, locally sourced produce and fill your tank at the same time.

A very popular filling station, they have successfully managed to combine selling petrol and diesel with another kind of fuel – FOOD!

A fully stocked deli with a fantastic selection of meats, cheeses and olives sits alongside handmade sandwiches and hot-food and drinks. Brooke’s offer an extensive alcohol range, including ales, local craft spirits, including Brooke's very own Gin. There are also award-winning pies, pastries, and cakes plus all your daily essentials. 


At lunchtime Brooke’s is packed with workers and students alike, with such an extensive range there really is something for everyone. Discover Brooke’’ll be very impressed. 

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