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Ken Warne

01748 826660

With a family history in the grocery trade dating back to the 1940s, it’s little wonder Warne’s is absolutely the go-to place for many locals to get their store cupboard essentials.


But as well as the basics – and there are regular special offers on staples like sugar, eggs and potatoes – Ken Warne also offers some surprising specialities.


They stock loose tea and coffee beans from Taylor’s of Harrogate.  With an impressive range, customers can choose to have their French Roast or Brazil Sweet River beans whole or ground; Warne’s is the only place in town to do this.


Ken Warne's wine, including an impressive organic range, and the beer and spirits section of the store again manage to mix big brands at excellent prices with the more exotic.


There’s an impressive cheese counter, bread from Coughlans Bakery (founded in the same year as Warne’s) and weekend batches of warm chocolate croissants which you have to be an early riser to catch.


“I’m proud to continue the family tradition of local shop-keeping,” says Peter Warne.  “My aim is to provide what customers need, and we are always striving to balance the demand for competitive pricing with stocking an interesting and diverse range of products.”


Ken Warne is the largest licensed convenience grocer in town, with the longest opening hours. 


If you can’t get it in Warne’s, it's quite possible that you didn't really need it.

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